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Jun 1, 2015
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I am struggling with a topic I posted in the Google Maps Community, where I asked for assistance with a building's contours update aiming to separate one hotel listing from another.

Please find all the details in Building Update Needed - Google Maps Community.

I am under the impression that the Platinum Product Expert refuses to understand my point. Could you please share your opinion on this matter.

Thanks a million in advance.

Kind Regards,
Hi Nevena, as you are asking for opinions, I apologize in advance as my reply may not be exactly what you want to hear ;). Based on what I currently see on Google Maps, the addresses appear correct for each of the hotels mentioned. Maybe Google recently changed or corrected the addresses after your request?

Looking at your Google Maps post, I tend to agree with the response from cfanatic: "even if 2 different buildings, they look attached at significant portions of their boundaries. street view also appears to show them attached."

Since the addresses for each hotel are showing correctly and the pins are correctly placed at the entrances for each hotel, other than the contour not displaying to your preference is there a direct harmful impact to your client?

As a traveler, I personally don't see any issue with the map not having a hard separation of the two properties. Maybe I overlooked something in your original post that explains a harmful impact to the customers of the hotel by having less than an ideal contour?
Thank you for sharing your opinions :)

The reason I started working on this matter is because currently, the two hotels, that are located at different addresses, are together associated with this building entity, which may lead to confusion to potential customers.

My idea was to divide the building in two and then easily associate the precise hotel addresses with them.

Joy, when I click on your link, indeed there's just one hotel result of Hotel Indigo Brussels - City, an IHG Hotel, but if I reach it via new search, the state remains the same.

What solution would you advise on here?

Thank you in advance,
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