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Jul 30, 2020
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Hallo. Thanks for joining us to Local Search Community. We have a problem – may be you can advise us something…
We need to create locations for ATMs. But these ATMs have not physical, real address. They are situated out of shops, banks and other buildings. For example, they are situated on bus stations.
How can we get bulk confirmation for these ATMs, receiving letters from Google in the bank’s central office?
That just has scam written all over it... I have never seen any claimed ATM unless its a actual part of a bank.
What company would you be working for that wants to claim their ATM locations?
Hallo. Thank you for reaction. Its real part of bank. I gues we will have to find existing ATMs with postcards and only after that we will be able to creat new that does not exist at the moment. A have no any other idea how we could resolve it. What do you think?

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