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Jun 18, 2019
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Hi All- Is it possible to "re bulk verify" an existing GBP Dashboard?

One of our client's GBP dashboard was bulk verified a few years ago, but that person is no longer employed by the client, no one knows her (former) login credentials and her email account has been deleted. We've tried logging in to the previously bulk verified business group using other GBP credentials, but none of the other credentials are bulk verified and we see the "Verifications" option on the main screen and we're back to verifying with postcards/videos/emails etc.

I don't see anything about "re bulk verifying" in GBP Guidelines, so is it possible to ask GBP Support for bulk verification again of a dashboard, or would request be denied as the dashboard was bulk verified previously?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give!
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As far as I know, you cannot request bulk verification for a profile that already exists, regardless of how it was previously verified (in bulk or individually).
Yes you can apply for bulk verification. You need to be an owner on 10 of the business profiles. It’s best to use an email associated with the domain and add they email to Google analytics and Google Search Console. Let the team know that the original email address that was used to get bulk verification is no longer active. The team will be able to assist you.
Hi @keyserholiday is there any mention of this somewhere in the statement, have you had this experience with support in the past?

I tried to create two bulk verified accounts for the same brand and Google told me we couldn’t do it. I have also created several bulk verified accounts for the brands I work with. I just completed a bulk verification a few months back.
Hi, We recently had a similar situation and Google Support re-bulk verified the business group under a new Google profile. It took some back and forth with support and providing the old bulk verified account details, but we got it fixed. We made sure the 2nd go round the bulk verification wasn't tied to a specific employee.

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