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Sep 7, 2016
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Hi I'm really excited about finding this wonderful forum and really love having such a great resource.

I'm having a bit of an issue for a client of mine and can't get the business found on Google maps. The business is verified and can be found on google maps if you type in the exact name, but if you look for any keywords (or assigned categories) it just won't show up at all.

The business has a decent amount of citations and could use some more reviews, but I don't see anything glaring that it shouldn't be showing for this local area. I appreciate your help

Plus Page:

Map Link:!3d33.7442894!4d-117.8134068?hl=en&shorturl=1
Hey Sean - welcome! I'm so glad you found us!

I'm too wiped out to research but most of our pros are here during the day so should get some feedback tomorrow.

One quick Q. When did you verify?

I get them 13th on the list for "Othodontist Tustin CA" (when I click for more results). Is that consistent with what you see?
Hey again Sean...

There is a ranking update going on and a few mysterious things we've been trying to figure out.

Like you, some folks have been reporting listings missing on maps. But if you zoom in, they are there. I have not tried it with your case yet.

See this: <a href="">A lot of movement in the 3-pack / Local Finder</a>

Then this: <a href="">Google Listing Disapeared With Recent Update? - Try This</a>
I searched Orthodontist Tustin, braces Tustin and Tustin braces and didn't see the listing anywhere. I've never found the listing, but even 13th seems really low.
Did you try to zoom in? When I zoom twice on maps they are there, but buried under another Ortho.

Hey Joy, what do you think about doing a poke? Maybe moving marker to a better location on the building via GMB?
I believe the filter is on the building level, not the address level. So if you want to try and lie about the location that might work, but I think it could cause lots of other problems (like wrong driving directions or possible ranking issues).

On other threads, people said poking doesn't work :/

I think the zooming in confirms they're filtered.

However, I'm really not seeing these guys as filtered? I just get them lower on the list no matter what I search.
I definitely don't want to modify the address since (in my opinion) that will cause more issues than it solves.

I zoomed in enough to finally see the listing, but it's pretty ridiculous to have to zoom in that much. Is there anything that can be done to improve the visibility?

It's a small thing but why aren't you using Google's own embedded map listing for your business on your Contact us page rather than the generic map?

The business listing will show reviews and full details of the business as well as build a little bit more trust with Google.

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