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Sep 3, 2020
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I am working with a psychotherapist client who recently had their business hard suspended for using a virtual address which is also shared with other businesses. I have convinced them that it is worth investing in a real office space (even though they can't see clients there because of COVID regulations). Many psychotherapists are giving up their offices during COVID and this has presented a major challenge and setback.

What steps and in what order should I move the business to the new address and have google reinstate the listing?

1. Find New Address and Sign Lease
2. Update Website
3. Update NAP
4. Get Signage / Logo (will this be necessary at a new address?)
5. Send Google Info and Proof of New Address
6. Verify New Address

Since it is a new address should I even try to reinstate the old listing or start with a new profile/verification? Will Google even reinstate a listing like this or am I better off doing a new profile/verification? This business didn't not have reviews or good rankings yet so not much to lose there.

This is a major headache as I am just finished some citation building (have to clean all of that up) and am about to launch a new website/traditional SEO project for them in a few weeks.

Thanks in advance!
@mlawley, that's basically the right sequence of steps. I'd just throw some supporting citation work in there - updating the old listings to reflect the new office - around the time you do steps #4-5. You'd need to remove those old listings anyway.

In suggesting that I somewhat let the cat out of the bag, but no, I probably wouldn't try to reinstate the old listing. Just start fresh. Maybe in a different Google account, though.
I would do all the steps you are outlining, and simply update the suspended listing address and request reinstatement. This is what is called a reinstatement/move (My terminology). It works 100% of the time as long as you have all the supporting documentation and also update all legal information. as well.
This way you keep your reviews, photos, posts and ranking.
@BenFisher would you recommend doing the reinstatement/move if I have already been denied from reinstatement a first time? Before I knew the business was moving I tried to fix the listing and submitted a DBA as a proof of address as that was all the business could provide me. But got a response that the business was still breaking guidelines.

Since there are hardly any reviews, photos, posts and ranking as it is a pretty new profile then I just want to do what will get the business up ASAP and not get stuck in a reinstatement denial loop as I've seen you call it.

In terms of the reinstatement/move process would I be sent a new verification letter to the address? For appropriate documentation I am trying to get an updated DBA and logo on the door of the office/suite number as it will most likely be a larger building without outdoor signage available. Would this be enough?

@Phil Rozek I see that you recommend using a different Google account if I decide to make a new listing. I am trying to better understand how Google associates GMB profiles with accounts. Is it by who originally created the listing, who is the primary owner, or anyone that has ever been a primary owner?

A bit more back story. This listing was originally created by an old company email. I then transferred ownership to their new company email and I made that the primary owner. Will both of these account be associated with the GMB account if I move primary ownership back to the original old company email? If I decide to start fresh my understanding is that it is better to have totally clean account rather then one that has had a suspension.

Oh well if you do not care about the reviews or authority it has gained, start fresh then. Just have all your docs ready in case of another suspension.

PS Account level issues are isolated to one account, not multiple.

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