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Aug 2, 2021
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Hey There!

I am having trouble getting a Google Business Verification video accepted by Google. The business has clear signage and all the steps in the business video were followed, however the video is not accepted by Google. I've tried several times and each time it shows that it is "processing" with Google but then is denied. Perhaps its because it is in an office park, so there is not a clear street sign to show? (But I do show the suite number) I have contacted Google support but they are no help and won't tell me why the video is being denied and won't give me other verification options. Do y'all have any ideas to get this listing verified?
I removed the URL to the forum post as per our guidelines. You can DM it to me.
If you aren't able to use any of the other verification methods that Google offers then support is the only other option.
@Colan Nielsen is the support Form the best route?

We are also having trouble getting clients verified now that video is the defualt.

I work for an agency and video verification is nearly impossible when you service clients across the US. How do they expect me to do a live video verification when I am two states away? In addition to this, Google expects me to get my client involved in shooting this video. I feel like Google didn't think this through with regard to agency/client relationships.
I am currently struggling with GBP support bc my client built a brand new building and moved across town. I have sent verification postcards, email codes, recorded videos, Google Street View photos, and my own photos. Now, I'm being asked to hold a live video call. I don't think the support agent has reviewed all the materials and proof I have sent.
do they expect me to do a live video verification when I am two states away?

The client or an employee of the client has to do it.

Google does not consider agencies, they have to balance between businesses and users, adding agencies into the mix would only complicate things as many agencies are not great or are the source of fake profiles.

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