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Oct 12, 2022
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Hello! I had a few questions about using CallRail Tracking numbers in Google Business Profiles and would love to hear folks' thoughts:
  1. I've read that "Best Practice" for using Callrail numbers in Googe Business Profiles involves adding the tracking number as the primary number and the actual store number as an additional phone number. Have I read wrong? This helps keep NAP consistent across citations right?
  2. What are peoples' thoughts about CallRail's Google My Business integration? What are its pros? What are its cons?
  3. Any other thoughts/feelings about tracking Google Business Profile calls? Really appreciate any insights anyone can offer!
For #1, yep this is how we do it. I'm strongly in favor of using call tracking as it helps you identify what type of leads different sources drive. It's really hard to make an effective marketing strategy without knowing how things are working.

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