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Apr 4, 2016
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Never came across this before, but I have a client using Google's campaign builder to create a campaign tracking URL for Google Plus, and using this as the website address in the dashboard.
url.JPG url.JPG
Assuming they did this purely for Google Analytics reasons, which seems redundant since I did a real-time test on another account and GA had no issue detecting the Google+ as the source.
source medium.jpg

Aside from the campaign URL being redundant, could this negatively affect performance?

source medium.jpg

To add to the excellent resources Colan linked to, I've personally used this kind of link with clients that I've had success with. I also had a self storage client for a while too, and noticed during my competitive research that Public Storage, in addition to having their act together and doing a fairly good job on their local SEO across the board, are also using campaign links in their GMB profiles (among other competition I've looked at too of course, but this one's the biggest, best ranking one I've seen that seemed to be doing a lot right). All that's just a leadup to say that I'm convinced linking to a campaign URL doesn't cause any issues, though I do think it's a good idea to take Dan's advice and make sure Google doesn't think it's a separate page.
Thanks James! We do have rel="canonical" in place.

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