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Jun 18, 2019
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Hi everyone - one of our SAB GBP locations (Bug Guys Pest Control) used to have 1,159 reviews and now has 7(!)

Is it possible for Google to remove reviews when a business loses its state license? Our client says that this location lost their CA business license (has since been reinstated though) so we're thinking this is the cause for the review loss. Client did state to us that they are confident all of the previous reviews were legit.

Any help with determining where our reviews may have gone will will be greatly appreciated!
Google will never remove reviews because a business loses its license. Google has no way to track that, nor would it investigate a business to see if they are licensed. Not all industries and states require a business to be licensed.
Google has been aggressively removing reviews since last October/ November. Your best bet is to look for a handful of email confirmations for the missing reviews and contact Google support for help. Read this first - How to Get Help on the Google Business Profile Help Community (Forum) - Sterling Sky Inc

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