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Feb 22, 2021
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We have a client who is a SAB and their address is hidden on GMB. If we use the UPS address in their citations, will it negatively impact their rankings?
@Matt Chauhan, that's unlikely, but I suppose it's possible. (Just because Google still knows your client's address - which was used for verification - even if the address is hidden.)

What I suggest: also hide the address on the citation sources that allow it. On the sites that don't, either you enter a partial address or just skip the site.
Can I re-verify his GMB listing using a home address and then hide the address? After doing that, can I just use the same home address on all his citations and business listings?
@Matt Chauhan, that should work. A lot of effort, but it's better than using a UPS address.

By the way, I say "should" only because I have limited info and there are a couple of scenarios in which you may run into problems. You could run into trouble if there are other businesses at your client's home address (especially if they are in related industries). Likewise if you verified at the current address recently and now are relocating for a 2nd time soon after.
Thanks, Phil. I checked and found that there are no other businesses sharing the home address of the client.

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