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Aug 12, 2013
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We have a client that is acquiring another company — the other company has a number of positive LSA reviews, they want to know if when they finalize the acquisition can the other company's LSA reviews be merged with their existing LSA reviews?

I'm not sure if I'm making sense — but I cannot find direct info on merging LSA reviews when acquiring another company.
Full disclosure I haven't done this for a client before but I would assume in this case Google's criteria for moving Google Business Reviews between listings would apply.

Create a new Business Profile​

If you inadvertently create and verify a new Business Profile because of a change in a physical location or a change in ownership, you can transfer your reviews from the old profile to the new one. To transfer your reviews, contact us.

Change your physical location​

If you move your business to a new location and keep the same business name, Google generally transfers the reviews to the new location. Exceptions include businesses heavily tied to their locations, like hotels, golf courses, or scenic attractions.

But I would contact LSA support to confirm they can merge reviews and if they use the same criteria.

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