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Sep 21, 2014
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This is driving me insane. And a little embarrassing since I'm supposed to be a local marketing person :eek:

I have a verified Google My Business page. I live in San Diego. The url of the page is /+BusinessNameSanDiego.

We are moving to San Francisco. It won't let me change the name to /+BusinessNameSanFrancisco, only change the capitalization of the existing name.

How can I change this? Even better, I JUST want it to say /+BusinessName, no geo reference since 99% of my clients are not from my local area.

To make it more complicated, somehow I have duplicate G+ pages, maybe even My Business pages. I don't know anymore, I'm so confused. There are three pages under my gmail account, one is My Business (verified), the others may just be regular pages (but they have "media" after the name, which I don't use anymore).

And, my Google Partners account is linked to this same gmail address.

Can someone please advise what I can do before I pull all my hair out? It would be a shame since I have great hair :D

Seriously, what do I do to merge or whatever I need to do to just have the BusinessName?

Usually you can't change a custom URL once it's been accepted. Having said that I did hear of someone who was able to get it changed when they moved geographic locations.
They contacted support and explained the situation (along with supporting evidence of their address change) and eventually it did happen. So worth a try I guess!

To answer the other question I'd need to see the URLs if you're happy sharing them.

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