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May 19, 2016
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Hi there

Can anyone help?

I am dealing with a car dealer at the moment who owns two dealerships almost next to one another (1-minute walk)
It's the same company name but both dealerships have their own phone number and address.

The questions are:
Should the car dealer consider two GMB listings despite being so close?
Which NAP should they display on their Home page?
What is the best approach to maximise local organic visibility?

Many thanks
Over the last decade where I live, that situation has become commonplace, as various dealerships have been bought out and consolidated.

Now, the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership (owned by Dilawri) also owns the Kia dealership and they are side by side on the same street. The same company owns the Mazda dealership in a different part of town, as well as on that same street the Hyundai and Mitsubishi dealerships all pretty much in a row. (I may have mixed up the two Korean brands.)

I'm pretty sure they are treated as separate branded companies by Google.
Agree with @djbaxter

Because they're selling different brands of cars, and are likely to brand the two dealership slightly differently, you should be able to treat them as two businesses with two lisitngs.
One of the big factors is each business has a separate entrance, apart from phone and address.

The detail is what matters here.

As far as address on web page - are you saying each dealership goes to the same website? If so, then have two location pages and build your citations to the location pages.

You don't *have* to display only one address on the site's home page. You can put both, just put your structured data in place to help Google understand the differences between the two businesses.
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