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Nov 18, 2013
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I recently landed a client that is a scrap metal recycling center. It used to be that Recycling Center was a live category, but apparently Google decided to eliminate it. That was the perfect category and all of their competitors are listed that way.

Does anyone have any good ideas to overcome this?

Maybe they could be added to Google Maps first?
As of right now, I think 'Recycling Center' is still available as a category in the GMB bulk dashboard. There's no telling whether it will stay that way though.
So far I added the business using Google Map Maker and that did allow me to set Recycling Center as the category. Then when I claimed the listing, it forced me to reset the category as it said that was not a legit category. :(
Going by that logic... Now that the listing is claimed, you could go back to Map Maker and set 'Recycling Center' as the primary category again. Would that possibly work? I admit it's a rather unconventional way to edit a category though.
Michael what are available categories for you to use related to a scrap metal recycling center in the dashboard?

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