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Jul 20, 2012
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Wanted to try and get ahead of things here, but I've got a client with a fully merged and social Google+ Local listing who may well be moving. What is the process for this with the new G+ Local listings ... can you now simple alter the address in the dashboard and have everything go smoothly ;) with reviews, photos and posts all following along or am I just asking for trouble?
Hey Nick,

Moved your post to the section of the forum that talks about moving and there are other posts you'll want to read in this section. But here's the main one.

Business Moves - Procedure Changes Again - Just Edit Local Listing Now

The procedure changed awhile back and yes now you just edit the existing listing.

HOWEVER based on how much of a move the algo feels it is, Google may or may not create a new listing and mark the old one closed. (No one knows the parameters for this.)

But any time you change NAP you can lose reviews and normally do with a move, regardless of whether it's a new listing or now.

BUT GOOD NEWS - Once you have the new dashboard if you lose reviews you can request that Google move the old reviews to the new address if they become lost. Here is a post about that in case you missed it: New Option - Move Google Reviews

Actually, sorry just re-read your post again and noticed it's a merged G+ listing. So remember not to edit in Places dash once you merge. But I would assume the above issues still apply. However I've never heard about anyone moving once that have a merged listing so am not sure if any new issues come up with that.
Thanks Linda. Good to hear that it's possible to have reviews moved over with a business to a new address. If/when the time comes and the client does actually move I'll make sure to document everything and keep my fingers crossed ;)

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