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Jul 25, 2023
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I'm helping a friend of mine with their GBP. They're a plumber with a SAB. I'm going to change it from a SAB to a location based business (because everyone in the area has their address showing).

The only problem is that they verified their GBP from address #1, and their business is now located at address #2.

Once I change from an SAB to location based with address #2, should the rankings now reflect for address #2?

Address #2 is about 30 minutes away in a different city than address #1
Yes, and this is the only way to move a SAB due to the SAB move bug. You cannot hide the address after the move: the rankings will snap back to the original address.

Yeah, that bug is dumb. Do they make you reverify too when you add a new address? I've never done it. If they don't make you reverify them that's probably why it snaps back once you hide the address.
Yes they do. Sometimes it's possible to do things without reverification, but for SAB to new shown address you're going to have to be lucky twice:

1) When adding the EXACT address that the GBP was verified at, Google won't always ask for a reverification. We have a 50/50 success rate 'cause as far as I can tell (I haven't tested this extensively) it literally has to be identical to the way it was entered, now how google displays it after you enter it.
2) If the address is shown and your website and other major pages are already showing the new address, you can usually do a move via user suggestions, which you only have to accept in the dashboard without needing to reverify.

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