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Jan 3, 2020
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I just started working on a GMB listing that was suspended. It's a hard suspension and I wasn't involved before, so I don't have access to the CID number. Is there a way to find out the CID from the dashboard?

Hi Tricia,

Not in the GMB dashboard. But if you had it set up on some of the rank trackers they would have a stored copy of the maps CID.

I'm not sure about all of them but I know Bright Local and Places Scout do that for sure.
Thanks, that is what I suspected. Unfortunately, I just started helping them with it and it was suspended and not on the map prior to my involvement. Otherwise, I would have grabbed it. That's one of the first things I do. I don't think they have anything connected to it, but I will double-check.
Business Name: (This is the LLC name as it's shown on the Secretary of State website also)
Address:157 W. North Street West Milton, Ohio 45383
Phone: (833) 969-1329

Thank you @JoyHawkins
Thank you so much @JoyHawkins !

Evidently, the business has been suspended for almost a month before they contacted me and I have a ticket in to GMB, but if I don't hear back by tomorrow, I'm going to post about it on the GMB Community forum. I'm really concerned because it's been suspended for so long.
If it has been that long, it's not likely it's going to be able to be restored, unfortunately. You might just have to create a new listing.
Thank you. I hope we can salvage it since they have quite a few reviews. They had someone else working on it that didn't understand what Google wanted for the reinstatement.

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