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Mar 5, 2013
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Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight on how to find the CID/link to put on your website so that it links to the Google+ Local page? All of my browsers have officially moved over to the new maps, and I'm having trouble finding the CID and/or correct link to link to maps for my listings.

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Hi Alana, it's pretty easy if you know how - Google is just hiding it.

Here's a random dentist for example:

In past you'd click their address and it would take you to maps and the CID would be in the URL string.

Same thing with new maps BUT it does a quick re-direct so you don't see it unless you look carefully.

So click address on the listing above and watch your address bar carefully.

SO NOW to get CID you just need to right click on the address on the G+ L page.
Copy the link address and there you'll find the CID.

I've tried it a bunch of different ways and sometimes I get a string that looks like:
cid%3D15671619104695691266 with a 3d in there. But the part in bold is the CID.

Alternatively, you can click the gear icon top right to get back to classic maps and maybe do it the old way.

Does that help?

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