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Jan 9, 2017
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I've just taken on a new client who is a dentist. Their GMB listing has locations set under Service Areas. They're clearly not a service area type of business, but it did get me to thinking. I'm not seeing anywhere that it's against Google's policy, nor am I suggesting that it should stay like this. Just wondering if anyone knows whether or not it helps or hurts rankings? Or, is it just an unknown at this point?
@Brian Scott, that's fine. I've had a couple of clients like that. Specifying a service area for a bricks-and-mortar business doesn't seem to be a problem, and (as you say) isn't against the GMB guidelines. Doesn't help you, either. As long as your dentist client has his/her address specified, I'd say you're OK.
Was just going to ask this same question, only about an optometrist. Noticed she has recently added 10+ service areas, separate towns, to her gmb... This won't affect anything you don't think?
That's not going to help her unless she has content about those areas. Create a "city page' using a point of interest in that service area with a map and driving directions back to her business. If she has customers in these areas, IT IS IMPERATIVE that she gets reviews from these clients and adds them to their city page and GMB listing. A YouTube video titled Optometrist near XYZ city embedded on the page would help as well, with a backlink in the description back to the page. Local backlinks from businesses in that area would be the bomb. All of these and more is what will convince G that she does do business there.

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