Tyson Downs

Jul 29, 2013
So I'm working with a client that has 5 offices in 3 states.

I am redoing his site for him, as well as his Google Places optimization.

He is considering having a basic landing page, (crude example attached) and then when you click on the city it takes you to the city page, and it is a full blown website.


once inside, you'll be at


I know that having flash landing pages aren't good for SEO, but what do you think about having a static landing page like this?

Then if I went that route, do you think it would be better to do a subdomain for the city page?

(Artwork has 4 cities, there's actually 5, simply a messup)



Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Kinda depends on situation...

Is there like a home office or main office? The reason I ask is the home page is usually the easiest to get ranked and naturally gets the backlinks.

So Ideally if there is a main office do a KW optimized home and NAP it for the main office. Then have big graphic or something on home that has city 1, 2, 3.

OR on home have a big link or graphic that goes to a locations page. Then that locations page is like your image and branches to the different offices.

Then each location page needs to be a combo home (with KW content, services) and a contact us page with NAP and map. Roto-Rooter does a decent job with some of their location pages.

Scroll down to the infographic for good ideas from Nifty Marketing.
The Perfect Local Landing Page

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