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Aug 5, 2015
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Hi all,

One of our clients provided us with an address that does not receive mail. We did the post office look up as well and it is not an accepted address. His address is a warehouse, but he also has a PO box for mail (unusable in Google as well).

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to verify a listing in Google, as well as other citations, when we cannot do a post card verification?

Thank you,
Find8 Digital
Hi Laura,

What type of business specifically?
I have seen a workaround for similar in the past that may still work.

When creating the listing, put the main address in the Address Field-1 and on Address Line-2 put "Mail to: PO Box 123".

Though if the POBox is in different city/zip it may not work well in this case.
Thanks Laura.

Model seems a little murky to me as far as whether they can have a listing.

Site refers to "Store". But you say warehouse and ship to customers.

Is this a store/walk in location that customers can come to and look at tires or is it mainly online sales and shipping?

I ask because before I tell you the verification route, want to make sure they are kosher.
Sorry for the confusion! I just clarified with our copywriter and the business sells to tire stores. They order online or call, then Perfect Circle Tire ships them out to the tire stores. He sells to some people individually with his roadside assistance services.
OK, but so you know, if they don't see customers in purpose they should not have a local page.

The reason I asked is the only way to get approved if all they have is a PO box or address does not work is to call support. But you should tell them upfront they see customers for roadside assistance but since it's a warehouse, they will be hiding address.

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