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Jul 25, 2012
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As a blog webmaster, I am used to seeing a lot of ridiculous comments trying to be passed off as authentic. Most of them make me roll my eyes in annoyance. In some comments, the spammer tries to come across as asking an 'innocent' question about another company or website, pointing to a website from their comment in order to get a backlink. They will also try to add their target website in the URL box or stuff a keyword in the name input box.

A recent comment I received on a blog post, however, did not have any links at all, but it did include a company's full NAP. For me this is the newest form of comment spamming I have seen... no links at all, but they were sure to include a full business NAP citation!

NAP Comment Spamming.jpg

Out of interest's sake I thought I'd do a Google search for that exact NAP. Here is what I see next... a bunch of YouTube videos with descriptions full of the company's name and URL. Even the uploader's name was an exact match keyword phrase.

Google SERPS.jpg

So, of course I need to take a look at their G+ Local page... and what do I see? Sigh... a massively keyword stuffed description! I mean, they did try to at least make 2 sentences that make sense in English... but how useful is that to a human?!? Grrr. Oh, and you gotta make sure to include all the variations of the keywords, too! Because a pool is different that an swimming pool, you know!

G+ Local Description Keyword Stuffing.jpg

Anyways... I hope ya'll enjoy my find and this rant.


G+ Local Description Keyword Stuffing.jpg

NAP Comment Spamming.jpg

Google SERPS.jpg
Thanks for posting this Russ and for all the screenshots. (And BIG KUDOS! Even found the right forum to post in. Way to go. The "Hall of Shame Forum" is new and most have not found it yet.)

Yep the new comment spam. :(

Note that even with all these extreme efforts to try to rank and all the money they are likely paying some shady SEO, they DON'T RANK AT ALL - even for their primary keywords that are also in name and domain name: "pool service phoenix".

At 1st I suspected a pure Local ranking penalty but I checked PURE organic rankings and they don't rank there either, so think they are penalized on both sides.

That's what you get. Spam doesn't pay!

However a site that does rank is (The one Russ showed is Bet it's the same company. (This one has address showing but location is apartment.)
Comment spam--gotta love it. And I bet they're scratching their heads wondering why they STILL aren't ranking too high. On the other hand, those are the type of clients that all of us could really help.
I had not noticed the Hall of Shame!!!!!! Great idea, Linda!

So, I found the comment spam with complete Nap refreshing and a great change of pace!! :eek:

I am shocked they were able to resist the temptation and not back link and only use NAP!
Damn. A case like this actually makes it possible to have a one-business Hall of Shame.

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