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Oct 9, 2019
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Is anyone else seeing this at the top of their Info tab in the dashboard:

"Review your business information to improve your presence on Google. Then click "Confirm" at the bottom of the screen."

A few times today now I have scrolled to the bottom where a yellow button to confirm becomes clickable, and then nothing happens.

Assuming it's a bug? It's different than the pending edits thing we have seen for when Google automatically adds new services.
Noticing the same issue. Once you scroll to the bottom, hit confirm then there's another message that says "fix the issues highlighted in red" and yet nothing is highlighted in red.
I have been seeing this too on most of the listings we manage (150+) almost all week. I'm assuming this is a bug because nothing happens and the button doesn't go away when I scroll to the bottom to accept/confirm the info. Does anyone know of a way to make sure the edits go through/the confirmation sticks?
@IanJohnson the only thing to do to confirm the edits is to check the live listing in Search and/or Maps and see if your edits were published. Sometimes edits can take a few hours or days to publish. You can also contact support if you are not seeing your edits being published. Unfortunately, since edits from users and 3rd party tools can be published to profiles, you may see edits you made not "sticking" and in those cases, you'll need to go back in and make the edits again. This is why monitoring your profile weekly is recommended.

@ibweb no update from Google at this time (not surprising).
I am seeing this way too many times. And the clients see them as well and they click confirm without checking everything. Hence don't be surprised if you don't know what happened to the business description you just updated last week, or the hours are all wrong, etc:cautious::rolleyes:.

Something to keep an eye on.

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