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Sep 18, 2012
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Hi guys

I've been reading some other posts about this but still not sure on how best to proceed with things. A while back I created a Google + business page ( and had a local listing too. I had the new dashboard rolled out to me a few weeks ago, and in it I now have two listings, one unverified and one verified. The unverified one was not created by me and just has info and description but no phots, reviews etc. When I click on the Google + page tab under it in the dashboard it takes me to the Google + business page I created. The verified listing in the dashboard is my original places listing with full description, photos and reviews but when I click the Google + page tab under it, it takes me to a new business page with no info.

I've read that there's no way to merge the correct business page with my local listing, is this correct? And also, should I be concerned about the unverified dupe that has been created in my dashboard that is connected with the correct business listing? Any help on best practice would be much apprciated, I'm at a bit of a loss as the correct way forward! Many thanks in advance.
If one listing is unverified in your dashboard it will not be published. You might as well simply delete it from your account. However, if there are duplicate listings appearing in the SERPs, you have cause for concern. If that is that case report it as a duplicate via the "edit details" option on the profile page. If you'd like something more immediate, try calling their support line:
Wouldn't you want to do a little more research and look into citations before deleting a unverified business listing? What if the unverified listing has more NAP consistency and citations than the verified one?
Hi Stephen

Thanks for your input. I'd suspected that I could just delete the unverified one from my account as it's not showing in the SERP's, just wanted to double check first! Once deleted my original business page won't be linked to a local, do you know if there's any way to merge it with my verified local listing? I'm guessing not, so would you say it's best practice to try and direct people over to the new business page?

Thanks again!
Hi Laustin

Do you think that's possible? I mean my verified listing has been live for 4 years or so and I've never had problems with it.......If the unverified listing and verified listing show the exact same NAP wouldn't that mean the citations would be equal?
Thank you

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I've been using to get to my dashboard, hadn't seen the other link you posted. When I click that link I get taken to both business pages.

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