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Jun 2, 2020
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We came across a second FB Page for a local service area business client of ours, as well as a second Twitter handle. We have access to both, in addition to the primary profiles.

There are multiple locations in one area, so I guess at one point these secondary profiles were created. We pinned a post to the "secondary" profiles to direct folks to the "main" profile while we evaluated whether there were any disadvantages to just merging the two profiles on Facebook and deleting one of the accounts on Twitter.

I would imagine that it's less confusing to have one profile for this business, particularly since there is nothing unique about the two locations which would justify having another profile. Is there any other benefit to keeping these other profiles up (local SEO, etc.)?

Thanks in advance for weighing in! Just don't want to do anything permanent without considering all the possible consequences.

Best, Nicole
@Nicole Basham, I suggest having one (but only one) distinct FB page per location. So if any of the "secondary" pages you referenced is a duplicate, in that you have another page for that location, I'd merge it into the page you'd rather keep around. There's no downside to doing that.

On the other hand, if no pages are duplicates, and you're just not sure whether each location warrants its own FB page, my suggestion is to have a page per location. Even if there's a designated mothership page. That's for a variety of reasons, including:
  1. People want and expect to find a Facebook page for the location nearest them.
  2. Google is more likely to show the Facebook page for the nearest location when would-be customers in that place search for you by name.
  3. It’s another place to get reviews.
  4. It’s a “barnacle SEO” opportunity, especially if you rack up reviews.
  5. People don’t want to feel like they’re working with a less-important office/location, or with “corporate.”

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