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Nov 16, 2015
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I have a client who has hundreds of franchises in various locations within a single website. He has different landing page for each location. For example,, and so on.

Now, all of these franchises provide same services so they would be targeted for same keywords too. The problem now is how to generate content for these hundreds of franchises landing pages. We do have content writer but to write same type of content based on same keywords hundred times is a very difficult process.

Can anyone suggest some strategies to generate unique content for each of these location in a simple way. Also, is it recommended to use the same content (but just location name as different)?

Any help is much appreciated.....
Use photos of the locations, describe the parking situation, use unique testimonials (which would naturally have "keywords" in them), and list the services they offer at each location. That alone should be good to differentiate them but honestly they'll never all rank for the same keyword so make sure you're making their title tags and other content different for each location. If you have 5 offices in Seattle don't use "keyword + seattle" in the title for all 5.

I would check out this article I wrote about it:
Hi joy,

I appreciate your suggestion using parking situation, unique testimonials and listing the services but I would like to have this 1000 words unique content. Is it recommended to use the same content (but just location name as different) on each landing page?

Yes, I will keep different metas. Thanks though!
Definitely NOT recommended to do that. That's a good way to run into ranking penalties that might be more challenging than expected to recover from. Better to have skimpy unique content if that's all that's in the budget than a bunch of duplicate content.

Joy started a great thread last month that might be worth checking out to help jumpstart the creative brainstorm.
Another thing that is unique about each location is employee bios. It's a great way to get in lots of descriptive words if you talk about which services/products they particularly work on. You can also include what city they live in, etc.
Thanks James, I will be sure not to add the duplicate content.

Thanks Joy, We already had adding bio in mind but adding bios won't help much in adding keywords that we are willing to do. :(

Any other suggestions you feel can help?
Joy mentioned testimonials. There are several great tools that can help automate the process of collecting reviews and automatically adding them to the location pages.

Get Five Stars and Nearby Now come to mind first. This is a great way to automatically add fresh content to each page on an ongoing basis.
I'd also try - try putting in your keywords and the location and see what suggestions come up. You might get some good, unique content out of those suggestions.

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