May 28, 2020
Does the amount charged the advertiser vary like other Google products? Does someone with more reviews, more stars pay less than someone else? I have talked to people in the same area regarding the same professions and there seem to be a difference in cost per connection.


Feb 23, 2020
I'm also interested in how this is going to work. Google states on their support page that proximity, reviews, and responsiveness have an impact on whether your LSA is shown. They're also rolling out an auction model for LSA, instead of a flat rate, so I would have to assume that bidding higher could override those other factors.

This starts to sound a lot like traditional Google Ads and quality score, in that a higher quality score means lower bidding costs, but you can still shove your way to the top with more money.


Local Search Expert
LocalU Faculty
Sep 1, 2016
This will depend on the business type and market. For some, a business will be charged the same amount as their competitors. In others, as Zach mentioned, some businesses may have a higher bid than others so the amount they're charged per lead will vary. I think it's safe to assume that a higher max bid could help make up for low scores in the other factors involved in determining placement.

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