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Aug 23, 2014
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A few weeks ago, a lot of us got excited about this announcement because it stated one of the new things Google was launching was:

Show personality with cover photos:
Businesses can easily set their preferred profile cover photo, putting their best foot forward.

Well, it turns out we got excited for nothing. Nothing has changed. Google still picks what photo to show in the Knowledge Panel with the algorithm (likely based on which one has the most views).

The help center still says "This action doesn’t guarantee it populates as the first image for your business, but it does tell Google you prefer to display this photo. "

I was pretty excited about this. Well, maybe someday we will have more controls to affect positive change for our businesses
This was an interesting announcement - also, just to add to the mix, if you're searching from a European country Google will populate the profile image (and indeed all photos) with images from Google search rather than Google maps for *SOME* businesses. What a PITA!
I know this is an older thread, but are others still not seeing the selected GMB cover photo being displayed, but instead just a random image from uploaded photos?
I usually can get Google to choose the one I want. What size photo dimensions are you using?
I have currently used 1100px x 740px to keep above Google's minimum of 720px x 720px
OK Colan, I'll give that a try. I will let you know if it works. Thanks
OK so I have set the new dims for the images... They appear on my dashboard as the cover photos both on gmb desktop and phone but do not display on maps and search results. Do I need to give it more time to appear or should it be almost instantaneous?
I'd give it 48 hours.
Thanks Joy. I'll give it some time to settle then.
Unfortunately my cover photos are still not appearing within GMB. In fact some accounts are also not diplaying images at all, although they do display within the GMB website I created for the client. They are also displaying as views in photos eventhough not displaying on listing.

Has anybody seen this before are have any ideas?

Many thanks

If none of the photos are appearing, this is a long-standing bug. You need to contact GMB support and ask them to process the photos for you.
Hi! I know this is an older thread that mostly talks about cover photos, but is there a way to add your street view/Google 360 photo to the knowledge panel? I was able to adjust the cover photo, but I have a client that wants to see their street view on there as well. Also thanks for the help with the cover photo!!
Street view should automatically show up on the listing. If you hire a Google photographer, sometimes the indoor view shows up instead of the outside view.
Hi Joy! It is so strange, the listing has a street view, but does not show up on the knowledge panel. It is just the map and cover photo. I have tried adjusting the map marker, but that did not help.
Can you share the details of the business?

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