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Jan 5, 2016
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Just wanted to call out the new feature in GMB Posts. There is now a new post type called COVID-19 Update.
"Changes to your business? Let customers know about any changes to your business due to COVID-19".

We are recommending businesses use this post type when posting info about their changes. Interested in seeing how long this post will show in search - if it's only 1 week or if it's longer (until COVID-19 changes/functionality are restored.

COVID-19 GMB Post Type.png
Have you tried one of these posts yet? Curious if Google is making them any more visible than a standard post/flagging it as COVID-19 related. Find it interesting that they don't have a place for an image, which generally makes posts less visible to end users. And the "preview" functionality doesn't make it look any more compelling than a standard update post with no image.
I am using them, I am also communicating with my clients how important it is to keep GMB and Maps updated & how our Agency is on top of updates. The Post does look PLain Jane & does not say anything about COVID - 19.
What's interesting is that they appear to be only available for certain categories. I manage a variety of healthcare locations and it's only been available for "specialty" locations like rehabilitation or walk-in clinics. Regular clinics or hospitals don't have the option.

Even though they don't have an image, given the option I'm using them in case Google gives them additional visibility in the future.

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