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Jan 5, 2020
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So we have a GMB listing for the law firm. We wanted to try and open a GMB for the owner of the law firm. He's well known in the community. When we try to create the listing Google is giving us a message that we already manage a business at this address. What is the trick to get this owner his own GMB?
Are you trying to create a practioner listing for him? And are you using a different category?
Are you using the same category for both listings?
Hey Greg,

I have a workaround for this in my training here. If you don't currently subscribe, just shoot me a DM and I'll copy/paste it in there and send it to you.
Can I get this training? I see it says it is discounted...

We did discontinue it earlier this year and we're encouraging people to sign up for the private forum here instead if they want access to the LocalU faculty to answer specific questions for them.

For this specific question, I'll just post what was in my training below.

Creating Practitioner Listings
If you’re creating a practitioner listing from scratch, you might run into issues if you’re trying to do it from the Google My Business dashboard and you already have a verified listing for the practice. The error you would get is shown below.


There are 2 ways around this:

  1. Create the listing via Google Maps. Do this by searching the address and then clicking “Add a Missing Place”. Do not include the firm/practice name in the title of the listing or your edit most likely won’t go through since it will be too similar to the listing that already exists for the practice. Once you get an email from Google Maps stating the listing has been successfully added, you will be able to claim it via GMB.
  2. Contact GMB support and ask them for help.

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