Nov 2, 2012
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Google's Matt Cutts reshared a post on Google+ about Google consumer surveys adding a free feature for publishers to add code to their site to poll their website visitors if they like the pages. I am wondering what people think about the idea of adding consumer surveys to a site. It looks like it shows up in the form of a pop up window. For a more detailed explanation check out the SEO Rountable article below:

Google Wants You To Add Website Survey Poll To Your Site


Jun 28, 2012
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I don't like the idea at all, frankly. I don't like that sort of pop-up on sites I visit and I always dismiss them as quickly as possible to get them out of my way. Given the popularity of pop-up blockers in browsers, I assume a lot of people feel the same way I do.

Additionally, I'm suspicious of Google's motives for suggesting this. Will they try to integrate this in some way into their evaluation of quality? I object on principle to doing Google's work for them; they get paid a whole lot more than I do.

What is the potential for this to be abused by competitors?

I won't be opting into this one.
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