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Jul 25, 2012
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What is the best option to get a listing that is claimed/verified deleted when there are duplicate listings within the same dashboard?

When I choose to 'delete page' I get a message saying (in part):

"If you claimed a listing for this page, any edits you made will be lost. If you created a listing, it will be deleted."
Then, when I click the 'Delete Page' button again on that pop up screen another screen appears which says (in part):

I understand that I will no longer manage the content for the Google+ Local page _____ _____ or the Google Places listing _____ _____, but that this content may still appear on Google Maps, Google+ Local, Google Search, and elsewhere on Google.

Deleting _____ _____ will also delete the Google Account that's associated with it...


1. If I choose this deletion option, will the entire Google Account actually be deleted? I need that dashboard to manage the proper listing that is claimed in the account.

2. Is there a better way to go about deleting the listing so that it the content would not "...still appear on Google Maps, Google+ Local"?

- - -

In searching support, I see the option to 'Contact Us' on this page:

Where you could choose the following to get to a form to email support:
My listing has incorrect information.
There is a duplicate listing that I would like to have removed.

I can't seem to find an option to call phone support at the moment.
Hey, I just barely had an account similar to this.

After it says "Deleting _____ _____ will also delete the Google Account that's associated with it.." It should follow up with an email that goes something along the lines of "" (I believe that is the Google account that it's referring to being deleted)

Anyways, I was able to delete the extra listing from the account, and it hasn't had an impact on the other listing/parts of the account, so it seems safe to remove it this way.

Not sure why you're not getting the phone option to come up, but if that's not working, one of your best bets is to follow the instructions here and report the other listing(s):
Let's go one at a time.

"Delete page" that sounds like you are in the Google+ business page dashboard, not Places dash. Can you confirm which dash you are in?

I don't think there is phone support in the G+ dash either so that's why you can't find it.

You should be in Places dash for all of this.
But I need to know if you have old or new dash?

Interesting, I didn't realize there were multiple dashboards until the other day.

I couldn't figure out why one day my (new) dashboard looked one way and another day my (new) dashboard looked another way. Then I went directly to and found the 'real' G+ Local dashboard.

I see slightly different wording in a help page which helps to clarify the situation:

"Note that Google may continue to show businesses that have been removed from your account on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties as closed, moved, or open, depending on the information we've received about the business."

Shall I go ahead and choose the G+ Local dashboard deletion method (via the 'gear' drop down menu) for this doubled up listing in my dashboard?

screen-shot_11 2013-11-26 09.37.21.jpg


Yeah, I also saw the odd email address in the format you provided: ... I now assume, as well, that the Google account that gets deleted is that virtual account associated with the email address that they display.


screen-shot_11 2013-11-26 09.37.21.jpg

So when I choose to remove the 'listing' ... I get a screen that asks "Are you sure you want to remove this listing from your account?"

screen-shot_12 2013-11-26 09.40.49.jpg

Then I get this confirmation page that mentions 'page', 'listing' and 'account'. What I find odd is that in my case the email address for the Google Account shows instead of perhaps that is due to how the listing/page was initially created by a user?!

screen-shot_14 2013-11-26 09.46.40.jpg


screen-shot_12 2013-11-26 09.40.49.jpg

screen-shot_14 2013-11-26 09.46.40.jpg
I can't follow it all as far as how it was created and which stated its in.

But IF as it sounds somehow the G+ page was merged/verified or auto-upgraded by Google to a G+ page then yes, deleting the Place page can delete everything. BUT it may not and may just be Google's screwed up messaging.

I'd call support. Now that you found the right Places dash you can find the call us button.

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