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Feb 24, 2013
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ok, i'm just starting to get some kind of handle on this whole google+ / local / social / places / business listings thing -i'm one of those who for reasons not yet specified, had my local business that was topping the list at "a" on the map, disabled and removed. i am not yet 100% certain whether or not it was because perhaps they looked at me as a service area business who did not hide my address, but the thing is, i am a computer repair technician, IT consultant - although i do go to some customers' locations, most of my customers come and bring their equipment to me for service and also for purchasing computers, peripherals, and accessories. another problem seems to be that, aside from not knowing whether or not i am able to list myself as a non-service area business, before my google+ local business listing got disabled/suspended/removed, the categories i could choose from to describe my business were only things like sushi restaurant, funeral home, hotel, accounting firm - not a single category for computer store or computer repair/service center. nothing even remotely related to that category - even though we all know that there are thousands of brick & mortar computer shops, for sales and service that not only receive clients at the storefront, but who only do that and never visit any clients' locations. so why are there no categories relating to this type of business? funny, i'm only thinking about this issue in hopes that i'll eventually get a chance to have to deal with it again, e.g., my listing will one day get back on the map. i appreciate any input or experience anyone can relate regarding this issue. thanks.
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There are wide variety of potential problems. Could be hide address or other issues.

If you want us to help troubleshoot we need.

Link to listing if it's live.

OR screenshot of both locations screen and edit screen.

And link to web site + phone

And timeframes - more details about what happened and when.

NOTE: I'm off all day with MAJOR PC problems and not many pros come here on Sunday. So there's a slight chance it will be tomorrow before someone can help. But get us info in case anyone is free to help you today.
Hi Linda. Thanks - and if there should be anything I can do to assist you with your PC problems, please don't hesitate to let me know. sometimes remote assistance is adequate, in other scenarios, a technician physically present with tools in hand is required.
anyhow, I'll now try and give you as much as I can of the info you requested.
my business website is: Beau - Israel's PC Doctor - Beau - Israel's PC Doctor
it redirects to:
believe that what i currently have is both a personal/social and a business listing.
believe it or not, and probably because in part, I set them up so as both to be promoting and leading people to my business and above website, I am not sure which is now which - but i guess the (disabled) one that has the "edit business" feature has to be the business one. i don't know whether the 2 are, can be, or even should be merged - and i guess that depends in part upon whether i turn out to be a service area business or a local (which is what i really and truly want to be - not only because there does not seem to be any modality for having reviews as a SAB, but being found as "a" on the map was doing my business quite a bit of good. anyhow, here the link to the google+ site that i have and know of: (this one says: "your listing is disabled and won't appear on google")
when i tried to upload the jpg screenshot of the disabled page, i got a message that i do not have permission to perform this action and that i should refresh the page and log in again. i guess i better finish this before refreshing the page - so as not to lose what i've got. i'll try and see if i can follow up with the requested screenshots. thanks so much for your assistance and wisdom.
Beau Schutz
Israel's PC Doctor (who currently needs a little treatment, himself) :-(

DisabledPage.jpg (maybe this worked?) using ie8 instead of chrome.

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ok, i see that ie allowed me to do what chrome wouldn't - insert screenshot graphic attachment to message. so here is one more of the next step on the page when trying to edit business: DisabledPage2.jpg


Beau, this is your Google+ Local page that I found:

One thing that I noticed is that you are using a redirect for your website, and Google does not like redirects. Another suggestion would be to change your website's title tag, as you repeat your business name twice, which is not recommended and looks rather "spammy". And is "Beau - Israel's PC Doctor" the actual name of your business and the one that you use across the web?

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