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Oct 10, 2012
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I have a newer dentist that is currently working with her mentor part time, and then at another office an hour away part time.

She wants to market herself and build her client list.

Her mentor will probably be retiring in a couple years and she would take over (buy) his practice.

If she worked at one office or if she owned both offices, it would be easy, but seeing as she doesn't currently own either, I'm a little stumped.

What would be the best way for her to market herself and get new clients for herself as opposed to just the practice, especially since she doesn't want to pay the marketing for practice #2 and not get the patients from it.

Little confusing I know. Any ideas or recommendation would be appreciated.

This is easily handed since practitioners can have their own listing.

Recently Google opened it up even a little more and a practitioner can work in multiple offices - the hours on each Place page just need to reflect when they work at each location.

Newish guideline:

"Individual practitioners may be listed individually as long as those practitioners are public-facing within their parent organization. Common examples of such practitioners are doctors, dentists, lawyers, and real estate agents. The practitioner should be directly contactable at the verified location during stated hours."

One thing though re name: Should be Jane Doe DDS or whatever her name should be NOT Practice Name: Dr Name.

Also realize if the practice has a listing and her listing has the same categories and also links to the home page - they will kinda compete and neither may rank well or her listing may knock the practice out of blended and it will only rank in organic.

I'd need to do consulting and do a deep dive to see both practice listings and web sites to be able to advise how to get around it.
You're awesome Linda, thank you.

Please pm me info on your advanced training (or better yet, email me if you still have my email address). Thanks
So sorry had a PC crash awhile back and lost most emails.

Would you mind emailing me a request? linda AT catalystemarketing DOT com

Please specify if you were interested in consulting on this one or just the Advanced Training options.

Thanks, Linda

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