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Oct 29, 2014
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One of my clients who I've had for months, started at 38th, I have cleaned up dupes, subscribed with aggregators, standardized nap across everything. Got em in the top 5, I wake up today and they are 26th. (The moz local audit has em at 98%).

This isn't due to practitioners' duplicates or anything like that. It's an apartment complex.
The packs I track are about the same.

And I have not been hearing reports of any major shakeups.

Anyone else seeing big changes?
26th "apartments in city, st"
28th "apartments city, st"
12th "apartments near city, st"

There is one duplicate on factual I have been trying to take down since the beginning, but we rose with the duplicate. (The business changed names from "xy apartments" to "xy apartment homes" in 2014). But its correct EVERY WHERE with the new name but that one factual. So I doubt that's the issue.

The url is still xy apartments, but title tags, scrollable text, footer nap is all standardized to the new name.

All my other clients aren't dropping out of their spots, so that's good.
There is some organic update chatter. Barry has the scoop:

<a href="">Google Updating Their Search Results? Possible Google Algorithm Update.</a>

Anyone else seeing changes???
26th "apartments in city, st"
28th "apartments city, st"
12th "apartments near city, st"

Sprung back some of the way, not back on the Top10, but close:

11th "apartments in city, st"
14th "apartments city, st"
11th "apartments near city, st"
I noticed some changes in the DUI attorney space over the past few weeks. I use to have the main G+ page and some practitioner pages ranking in the 7 pack. Now I'm just seeing main G+ page. So I'm definitely seeing some movement.
The only thing that could have changed:

Back in December I removed a long standing listing on acxiom that had an incorrect number. But created a new listing on acxiom with the correct info.

But that doesn't really fit the timeline. From what i can tell, acxioms feed to Google pumps toward the first of the month. Meaning the absence of the incorrect listing would have affected the rank in January. And it may have taken till feb for the new listing to be associated with our g+ and rank.

Can the temporary absence from an aggregator magically haunt you down the road? Idk.

Nothing has changed on their website during the fall and rerise. No review issues, no missing check ins. The newspaper gave the business best float in the Christmas parade, that article is still up.

Absolutely nothing changed...except the rank. I'm getting them to release some funds for a certain citation service, simply bc I'm not happy being outside the top5. But idk.

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