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Jul 19, 2012
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Two clients, two egos...

One uses a third party app powered by Google Maps to track his employees. When he zooms in on his store location his business does not appear. I think it's related to the Maps API, maybe outdated? What do you think? Is there anything to be done about it? :unsure:

The other client can't bring up his pin marker on desktop computer unless he zooms in to the max. On my laptop and phone his store is very prominent with minimal zooming. Any ideas why the different devices deliver different results? :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance!:)
Getting a place label is only activated for 'prominent' POIs which Joy's article maps a path towards.

The likely reason why you can see the place label and client cannot is due to Google personalizing it's UX. Through a variety of signals, it thinks you have more interest in the listing and category so is making it more prominent. I would bet if client kept checking and managing the listing, it would get a place label for them too.

To help improve the % of searchers who have a specific business as a place label in their maps (and therefore increase the likelihood of them clicking the listing and considering it => more leads) you should come up with ways for users to engage the brand more online (leave reviews, click your posts, engage on social, post a photo etc.). Because Google essentially follows you across the web, they're taking note of all these things and feeding it into their personalization profile. How engaged a user is with your business historically can also impact theranking you land at in their search results too.

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