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Aug 15, 2013
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Hey folks,

This pertains to a personal project I have on the agenda, which will be to create a directory site featuring local real estate properties and agents. Is establishing a G+ Local listing for a local directory feasible? The office location would have to be my home office, but the address is already associate with my primary business.

You have a bit of a double whammy I think.

Directories are not usually allowed because online only businesses are not allowed, which is what most directories are.

Plus it's difficult to get 2 listings at same address approved, especially if really small or home business. If the same person is answering the phone and providing services for both, then Google usually sees it as one business.
Yep. That's what I thought, but have never dealt with a directory site until now.

Looks like I may need to partner with a broker or agent who does not have a G+ Local page and make them the
star of the site ;-)
You could do a G+ Brand page..

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Here's one that I recently created for Imprezzio Marketing's brand new Insurance Agent Directory - My BizHound -

We haven't branded it just yet. We have a fantastic logo and branding being designed. It's going to be a cool Hounddog.

We will be opening the directory up to more verticals later in the year.

Maybe Linda will let me do a post all about it once the design is complete ;)
Hi Colin,

An approach I had overlooked. Thank you for the suggestion.

I think I was focused on the Business page approach, due to the fact my concept target market is very geo-specific (e.g. northern, CA), so I was thinking of attaining visibility in blended results. However, Linda resounded my suspicions, regarding the directories and home offices.

The branded approach may not be bad and would provide for greater flexibility for future growth...

May I pm you with a question regarding the directory you are working on?
Of course

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