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May 9, 2021
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I had a GMB profile appearing for IET Real Estate. Was working on getting reviews and then it disappeared. An agent in my office started marketing himself at 2x separate locations. 1x he works at and manages, 1x he is not associated with.

Now when business name is ran only his 2x profiles appear. When you scroll down to the "People Also Searched For" you could find profile for main business. I also had issues prior to all of this with Google Reviews not appearing (I have screenshots from customers that have left a reveiw that never appears on our profile)

I setup a call with a Google Small Biz advisor to discuss these issues. I have main profile setup as service profile to cover areas we work. Advisor had me enter an address. I entered my home address and now profile is suspended.

How did agent get control of GMB profile without being able to receive address verification?
@bnicolas Sounds like the first thing you need to do is file a reinstatement. When you fill it out, explain that you updated/added and address and were suspended. You are ok to use a residential address for your GMB, but you need to clear the address once it's verified.

Here's the reinstatement form - Google My Business local business reinstatement request - Google My Business Help

Let us know how that goes. Also, let me know if I can look into anything else for you.
Thanks for response Colan

I did fill out that re-instatement same day I got suspended (Monday 5/10/21) but no response from Google yet. I think they said turnaround was a couple days... Should I do it again (in case I did something wrong)?
Don't submit another request. This will cause more delays and confusion with Google. Fill out the regular GMB support contact form and explain the situation and they will take it from there.

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