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Sep 18, 2012
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I have a decorator client with 5 locations. All locations show the address. When I took them on as a client 3 years ago I advised them that this was not the correct way to set up their GBP listings as they are a SAB. However, they didnt want to change anything.

The addresses they use are virual offices with a phone answering service that provide a phone number with an area code and a physical address for mail.

Yesterday, 1 of the locations was disabled - not suspended?

The only thing that seems to violate Googles guidelines is the SAB issue - so the client has agreed to hide the address.

The problem is now with the reinstatement...

The form asks for documentation but there is none of the required documentation for this address. Everything goes to the registered head office. How strict are Google with this as part of the reinstatement and can we explain our way round it? Surely this is a similar story for 1000's of businesses that use virtual offices for SAB's.

Any other advice gratefully recieved!
The short answer is you will not be able to get reinstated. The longer answer is the following. If your client does not have an actual office with signage, then they are violating the TOS. What you have described is a violation of Google's TOS. They can show their address as long as they have an actual office with signage. They don't need to hide the address to be a Service area business. Your client will soon lose their other business profiles since they are out of compliance with Google's TOS.
While it is a co-working space, it also offers "bespoke branding" read: signage. It also mentions private offices. As long as you kept a permanent office there, staffed during business hours, and paid the likely fee for signage, you'd be well within Google's TOS. But they'd almost definitely require a video verification to prove that.

But really, brass tacks, spending time being mad that Google isn't evenly enforcing something is like yelling at the ocean. Sometimes people get away with it, sometimes they get caught right away, sometimes it's a decade later. You can try to flout the TOS if you want to, but you just have to be comfortable with the prospect that it will likely come back to bite you eventually. If you want to report people, you can use the redressal complaint form, though it rarely goes anywhere in my experience. My advice is to get them to invest in co-working locations where they can rent an individual office on a permanent basis and have signage.

Indeed. I wasn't venting on the fairness of it all just wondering whether these actions by Google were on the increase as violations are so widespread. I've been away from the industry for a period of time so catching up.
Indeed. I wasn't venting on the fairness of it all just wondering whether these actions by Google were on the increase as violations are so widespread. I've been away from the industry for a period of time so catching up.

Google is always slow to enforce the TOS. It’s like speeding, they only catch one person at a time. Now when they set up a sobriety checkpoint, they will catch a. Inch if people at the same time. One way or another, you will get caught. It’s not if, but when.
ok, given everything that has been said, what would you do if it was your client? Tell them to start again and if so - what would be the correct approach? 1 of their locations is their registered/executive address.
and for 2) will all other business that use virtual offices in this way (of which there are millions) start getting disabled?

Almost any search I do shows violating businesses in the top 3. For example, decorators Glasgow

In some cases there are more than 1 profile for the same business repeating violations!

Enforcement varies from country to country. Therefore, if the majority of GBP owners in your country are flouting the TOS, you too, may join the gang🤣🤣
Not sure if this means anyhting but I noticed that the notification has changed from disabled to "Verification Required" in the GBP dashboard. However, when I click on get verified it redirects to the main Google results page for the business name with the disabled dialogue.

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