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Aug 17, 2017
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I added a business logo to my Google My Business profile, but can someone tell me where it displays?

Thanks in advance!
The only place that you're guaranteed to see it is if you look at the photos tab in Google maps for your listing. However there's no way to guarantee which photos will show up as the main photo in Google Maps or in the knowledge panel.

I do know that Google doesn't really like logos and other pictures that don't depict real scenarios such as employees or shots of the office or the outside of the business location.

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Hi Colan,

Thanks for your response.
I looked in the photos on Google Maps and the logo doesn't appear there.
Share a link to the listing and the photo and we will take a look for you.

טוביה לרנר טוען רבני ומגשר
Adoniyahu HaCohen St 2, Jerusalem, 9527302
????? ???? ????_oaVtC7QhTIujMqQEcVC3-290x137.png

????? ???? ????_oaVtC7QhTIujMqQEcVC3-290x137.png
I'm only seeing one photo present on the page (the attorney head shot). When you log into your GMB dashboard, then navigate to photos, where do you see that one appear?

That could be helpful for us to understand how this photo is showing up.

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