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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi experts! We have a client (a radiology business) who has 12 radiologists on staff. They work at 3 different hospitals in North Carolina. How does Google want me to create the GMB listings for each doctor?

For each doctor, would I create 3 listings (one for each hospital address) just using their name (not the hospital name)?

And if yes, would I also create a practitioner listing for the radiology business that they're part of (radiology business name: practitioner name)?

And then how should each doctor's citations appear in other directories (yelp, etc)?

Thanks in advance for your expertise!
So although you can create a listing at each location, I honestly wouldn't. I would just do one per doctor so that you have one listing to monitor reviews on and can have a higher volume of them.

Definitely just use the doctor name.
Thank you, Joy!

Which address would I use for each doctor listing? They work at 3 different hospitals plus they have an address for the radiology business (they only see patients at the 3 hospitals).
I would use the address that corresponds with where they'd want to rank (a higher populated area).
And then I would create the other citations (yelp, etc) using that same NAP for each doctor, correct?

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