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Dec 12, 2013
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I have been asked by an agency to present someone else's site audit - a weird situation, but, the guy they hired finished the audit, and then got a job and can't present it. I want to add to this audit, and make it my own and make changes etc (they missed a lot). . . but want to use as much as I can of the existing work.

It looks like they have used some out of the box format, but, I don't recognize it.

Does anyone have any experience with an audit report that looks like this:
Well I don't really agree with their impact whatsoever (Local SEO is low???) but it's impossible to understand what any of these mean without seeing the actual breakdown of how they came up with these conclusions.
Yeah, I hate the report. . . but, was wondering if I could reverse engineer where the report came from.

I'd like throw it all in the garbage but, I have to present an audit tomorrow. . .

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