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Jun 28, 2012
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Don't Try To Fix Your Google Maps Listing Yourself, Call Google.
by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable
Jul 22, 2013

I posted the issue in Google Business Help and was steered into all the wrong places for over a month. In short, they changed the location of my business from 250 West Nyack Road to 250 W Nyack Way. It lead to major issues with clients coming to our office, getting lost and the complaints. My listing within Google Places showed Road, but Google showed Way on Google Maps.

I was told by a level 12 non-Googler to wait it out. That was a mistake.

Eventually, I was instructed to call Google support over here and when I did, within an hour the issue was resolved.

So next time you have a major listing issue with Google Maps - don't be a fool like me and listen to your own advice and call for support.

LOL! Thanks David. I saw Barry's post over the weekend and meant to jump in and try to help but was busy on a consult. Glad he got it fixed.

And yep, phone support is the way to get things done these days.
*Wonders if we have the telephone number over here yet...*

Probably not since all my clients are still on the old Places dashboard :(

PS, Fingers crossed, I may have got my missing road onto the map now thanks to help from Andrew Sawyer :)
The old dashboard totally has phone support too. Just not quite as prominent But I don't know if they have it over there.

Try to find the data troubleshooter, which has moved around. Log into a client, click help top right, then contact us. If not there, then select incorrect data on my listing and then see if there is a call us option.
OMGOMGOMG! It says Call Us on a big red button! I wonder when they slipped that in there! Thanks Linda :)
That would be a big BLUE button, not a red one - I was so excited!
Cool, exciting stuff. Will be trying this out with a client next week ... Jo, have you tried it yet?
LOL Nick, not yet. I'm still waiting to see if my client's map issue has resolved itself. Now if only that had been there a couple of weeks ago!
OMGOMGOMG! It says Call Us on a big red button! I wonder when they slipped that in there! Thanks Linda :)

COOL! Had a feeling you had it, just need to know where to look. Like I said they've been moving menus and options around lately.

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