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Aug 8, 2012
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Has anyone used the Dublin Core meta data...and do you think it is helpful or good to use? Can't find much info on what would go in the <content> part for a local business - their Name? Keyword? Town?
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Hi Shonda,

I use it and it's one of the "Local Hooks" coded right into the Local SEO automated template I provide with my Advanced Local SEO training.

No one is really sure how much, if any, it helps ranking. I don't believe there is a def boost. But I think of it like Schema in a way. I don't think Schema directly boosts ranking either. I think of both, as a way to help boost 'location trust' and relevancy. And if you are doing ALL the other on-site factors really well PLUS are giving her numerous location signals in numerous ways, I think it can all work together to boost rankings.

On average, the SEO formula I teach would boost most Dentists I worked on from #16 to #2. No backlinks at all. Just pure on-site Local SEO.

BUT I can pretty much guarantee if all I did was Dublin, it would not move the needle at all. I think it's the thorough combo of factors that does it.

Here is one article from Neil Patel who is an expert in organic search talking about the benefits for SEO. (See #5) 6 On-Page SEO Strategies That
Does anyone use Drupal Core meta data in WP? If so, how do you generate the tags? Mannually or is there a tool out there - i've searched but can't find one.
Why would you want to use Drupal Core meta data on WP???

Oops just re-read, assume you meant Dublin?
But if you just want to use a generator and then plug into the site, this is the one I've used as it focuses more on the geo meta.

Geo Tag Generator

HOWEVER ALL THAT IS BUILT INTO my Automated Local SEO template you get when you do the Local SEO course. It does all the Dublin Core geo and 6 other local hooks automatically so you don't need to deal with a bunch of separate tools. It also works on any site whether WP or HTML or custom CMS.
Is there a best practice for using Dublin Core Meta Data. Should it be used just on the home page, contract page, or all pages?

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