Oliver Keates

Sep 12, 2018
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How do i clean up duplicate citations that have the same NAP. For some citations it is difficult to find the duplicate citation.

Is there a way to search on google to see whether that citation has a duplicate NAP.




Local Search Expert
Sep 12, 2012
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Hey Oliver,

If I'm understanding your question correctly, you're basically asking how to identify duplicates in a directory, correct?

This is the process we use:

Step 1 - get any and all information regarding current and past NAP. Get old names, locations, phones, etc.

Step 2 - run a site command in Google search for all names + city and a site command for all phone numbers

So if your business was "AA Consulting" and you were located in New York but now you're in Albany and you're wanting to check Yelp you would do these searches:

site:yelp.com AA Consulting Albany NY
site:yelp.com AA Consulting New York NY

Let's say your phone number was (324) 323-3485 but used to be (324) 524-6364 then you would add those in as well:

site:yelp.com (324) 323-3485
site:yelp.com (324) 524-6364

Run all combinations of current name and old names with locations, and then phone numbers in the site: search

Step 3 - search the directory itself. Keep in mind most directories search function sucks. It's terrible. Even YP and Superpages have a really hard time finding even just a name match. But search name and location combinations (the same ones from above) in the directory's search bar. And then search phone number as some directories allow that too.

This is about as thorough as you can get.

Also, check out Google Search Console's latest links section and see what all directories are linking to you. That could help you find dupes as well and bad information.

Good luck!

Oliver Keates

Sep 12, 2018
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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your answer to the question, its really helpful.


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