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Jul 27, 2012
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New client with a website which uses software that dynamically changes the header to show a different tracking phone number for each new client.

Will the robots read these new numbers and get Google all confused?

If I put the regular number to match all citations into Schema and on the contact page will that help her to understand what is going on?
I don't really know much about or deal with dynamic tracking #s.

Think it totally depends on how it's done.

I'll Tweet and see if we can get some techys to weigh in.
As long as I understand you correctly you should be fine with this. Make sure the number that you use for the Google listing is on the page that your Google listing links to. The footer of every page can be a good place, along with the address. Having other phone numbers in your content shouldn't mess things up unless you start creating listings on other sites with them.
Thanks Broland, As I saw it demonstrated, when you arrive on the site you see a telephone number on the home page header that is unique to you so that it can be tracked. Every visitor sees a different number.

But the contact page and any citations have the main office number.

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