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Jun 28, 2012
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Want to rank in surrounding cities for your main keywords?

Struggling with city landing pages? This post is for you!

Discovered a post yesterday from a blog I had not seen before. It's by Michael Yurechko COO of Adam Steele's company Magistrate, Inc.

The post has some good info about keyword research and generating city landing page content.

Michael also shares some impressive ROI stats on the kind of results they got for one client when they launched a campaign for additional surrounding cities.

<a href="">Easy Wins in Local Landing Page Build Outs: Don?t forget the small cities
The Magistrate</a>

When building out local landing pages, SEOs typically take the same approach: keyword research around the big cities that show decent search volume, but not much else. Most neglect the small surrounding cities in the metro area. You should care about those smaller cities (Population of 5-10k+), because they?re likely filled with customers who are searching for your product/service?just not with enough volume for a single keyword to register search volume in tools like Google Keyword Planner.

If you?re wondering why your local landing pages aren?t doing as well as you hoped, this is the post for you.

Head over to read the rest...

What do you think? Pick up any new ideas?

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Thanks for sharing Linda.

Correct me if Im wrong, but wouldnt his method be considered the creation of Doorway Pages? They are creating landing pages for the purpose of ranking and not having a CTA on the page. They are linking to other pages on the site which provide more information to their services.

Isnt this what G was recently cracking down on and attempting to remove from the SERPs?
Good point Brian. Sorry meant to do a disclaimer!

DISCLAIMER: I don't have time to read and analyze every post I share in detail, if I did, I would not have time to share everything I do. So always use your own best judgement. BUT even if there was a gray hat idea in a post I share, often like a hammer, that idea can be used in the right way as a helpful tool, instead of being destructive, like a hammer could in the wrong hands.

But as far as the doorway algo goes, Yes, you need to be very careful how you do them. But see this post with a quote from Google:

<a href="">Google Local: Multi-Location Doorways for Chains and Franchises</a>

I also in trying to type less and save my carpal, neglected to link to other important posts:

<a href="">25 Local Landing Page Principles to Avoid Google Doorway Problems - by Phil</a>

<a href="">Is that a Local Doorway Page or a Local Landing Page? Nifty Tips from Nifty Lance</a>

<a href="">Google Warns about Doorway Page Algo Update - Could Affect Local</a>

So apologies I did not add all this to the original post at the top and should have.

Now off to rest my carpal to save it for the marathon QA session I need to do at today's Mobile webinar.

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