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Mar 25, 2014
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So a while ago there was talk about Google possibly using video calls to verify a business and then today some users spotted an email option 'out in the wild'.

Write ups here: Google My Business now offering some businesses email-based verification and at Mike's blog: Google MyBusiness Adding Email Verification? | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

I can't see any updates on this at Google's help page about verification methods, but this will certainly be interesting if it takes off!
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Interesting. Since it requires a domain email, that might actually work out. I remember a few years ago with Bing though, they required a domain, but used the business name to decide which domains would work. In one particular client's case, they didn't let you use their actual website domain (because that just wouldn't make sense) but instead, gave you a list of 5 domains using the client's domain that they would accept. One of which was unowned, that you could register for a couple bucks at Godaddy. Smooth Bing, real smooth.

If it does roll out in a bigger way, I'm looking forward to all the insane stories about how this is a bad idea from a spam perspective.

Thanks for sharing Priya!
Just updating this thread with the info Google told us today.

It's available to English language only right now, rolling out globally over the next month.

Their official statement:

For select businesses, we now offer users the option to receive their verification code by email.
Before choosing verification by email, make sure you can access the address shown in the verification screen. If you don't have access to this email account, or you don't see this option, then please select one of the other available options, such as postcard. To verify by email just click the Email option, check your email and enter the code we sent to you.
Do you know how they are choosing "select businesses" to use this verification process? This would definitely solve a lot of headaches.
Do you know how they are choosing "select businesses" to use this verification process? This would definitely solve a lot of headaches.

Hi Eric, Mike explains it here: <a href="">Google MyBusiness Email Verification Now Confirmed | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search</a>

Thanks for the update Joy.

Now that this is confirmed, moving thread to G Local IMPORTANT category.
It looks like the Help Center doc was updated yesterday.

gmb email.jpg

gmb email.jpg
I just saw it too. I had high hopes. But I don't know where they got that email from?

I would have used it but I don't find it is a current email. In fact the email is invalid.

So I sent a postcard again.

A different subject but I have found it extremely difficult to deal with the overseas customer service to verify listing that don't get the postcards. They almost seemed to go out of their way to be difficult with various service people picking up the conversation and having to explain over and over again. It's much easier to just try another postcard.

I was hoping this email was going to be easier.

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