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The AU site redirects to the .com version, so that would explain the drop.
2 things i'm seeing...

1. The ranking URLs in Australia are mostly their retailer and support subdomains.
2. There are a ton of internal redirects in the site. The internal linking needs to be cleaned up a little bit.

What happened during the site launch / relaunch? I feel like we won't be much help without a little more information. Was this a replatform project? Did site structure change at all?

PM me details if you don't want to share publicly. I agree something is going on, but I just don't have enough detail about the project to really be helpful / don't have the time to dig to uncover details you already know.
Thanks, Eric.

I appreciate your taking the time to write to me.

I've asked a couple of questions because they came directly to me with this issues. I haven't worked before this so I agree we need more detail about the project.

Anyway, will share info once I heard from them.

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