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Jul 23, 2012
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I follow 20 Places/+ listings. Every one is down today. No difference between those that are only on Places, switched to Plus, recent citation additions, no recent citation additions, recently added accounts, old, well established accounts. Everything down.

Interesting, nothing up. All Google Places accounts can't go down. Somebody in the same category had to get higher.

Is anyone experiencing anything like this today? Anyone reporting some reason? Maybe it is a one day crazy thing. Maybe I'm all by myself. ??????

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Sorry, maybe?

I use RankRanger. I just tested a couple of their results and found them to be in error. So, this could be a RankRanger issue.
#heartattack! Thought maybe there was some major ranking upset.
But the only listing I checked today went from B to A, so good news for my Dentist.

Do let us know if RankRanger was the prob. I've never even heard of it???
Does it do local very well? Everyone I know uses Places Scout for local.
It was RankRanger, but they blamed a change at Google that resulted in some double counting. They cleared it up in one day. I like RR. They are friendly and offer good CS. I think I used Scout years ago. Maybe I'll give them a try, also.

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